ITRI shows its foldable AMOLED technology

In September 2018 Taiwan's ITRI institute demonstrated a foldable AMOLED display prototype. The company now released this nice video showing the new display:

This AMOLED display, according to ITRI, is "rapidly approaching commercial standards". The panels are abrasion-resistant and folding resistant, and can be folded up to 200,000 times with a folding radius of 3 mm. The panels can also withstand being subjected to 1 kg of steel wool friction over 50,000 times.

Posted: Apr 10,2018 by Ron Mertens


OLED is known as best technology for prototypes, but no real products in terms of monitors, laptops and other. No doubt everyone is rushing for micro LED

There are over 500 million OLED displays produced each year (and growing), so not sure your comment about "prototype technology" is correct. There are/were also commercial OLED monitors and laptops, but for several reasons that market is not taking off. I don't think Micro-LED will enable monitors or laptop displays any time soon, the current focus is on wearables, VR and large-area TVs.