Innolux still thinks OLEDs cannot compete with LCDs

Last week Innolux demonstrated new rigid and flexible AMOLED prototypes, and the company says it aims to mass produce AMOLEDs - starting in 2017 with small-sized displays for wearable applications.

Even though Innolux is hopefully finally getting back to the OLED market, its CEO is still skeptical. Wang Jyh-chau says that OLED cannot replace LCD in terms of performance-cost ratio and reliability. As new display technologies (mainly Micro-LED) are being developed, OLED's future is uncertain.

Wang Jyh-chau says Apple are likely to adopt an OLED in its iPhones in 2017 - but this may not be a long-term basis as Apple is developing its own Micro-LED technology.

OLED's future is far from secured, but it is already competing very well with LCD, and once Apple moves to OLEDs, it's quite clear that LCD will not be able to keep up on any parameter except price, and even that is not clear once OLED production volumes increase. Of course time will tell if Innolux is right, but it seems that all the rest of the display market is racing forward with OLED investments...

Posted: Aug 29,2016 by Ron Mertens


This is the same kind of attitude that Kodak had about digital replacing film. With new blue oled emitters being announced recently, I think improvements will come along that will make oled the technology of choice. Micro LED sounds interesting, but that it is GaN based, it seems more likely that it will be more costly to produce than oled.