Digitimes: Samsung Display OLED shipments to reach 560 million panels in 2019

Digitimes Research expects that Samsung Display will remain the leader in mobile-device AMOLED displays, and the Korean company will increase its AMOLED shipments to 560 million panels in 2019.

Samsung Electronics will remain the company's largest AMOLED customer, but most of the growth in AMOLED shipments will come from other clients. SDC will ship 239 million AMOLEDs to Samsung Electronics in 2016, and this will grow to 290 million units in 2019.

Digitimes further estimates that Apple will ship 40 million OLED iPhones in 2017, and this will grow to 80 million in 2018 and 120 million in 2019. (UBI estimates that Apple will become the world's largest OLED customer in 2021).

OLED shipments to China-based smartphone makers will grow from 99 million 2016 to 150 million in 2019. If we combine Digitimes estimates of 239 million OLEDs shipped to SE and 99 million shipped to China-based customers, it ends up as if Digitimes estimates 338 million AMOLEDs being produced in 2016.

Posted: Jun 29,2016 by Ron Mertens