Innolux demonstrate new LCD and miniLED technologies to compete with OLED displays

Taiwan-based Innolux demonstrated several new display technologies that will enable the company to compete against OLED displays. First up we have this 55" rollable mini-LED display prototype. This is an emissive mini-LED display, it is not a mini-LED backlit LCD display.

Innolux 55'' rollable AM mini-LED prototype photo

Innolux did not disclose any specifications on this display (not even the resolution), but it did say that the display use a flexible PCB and features "high curvature, high brightness, high contrast, high saturation and high definition dynamic picture". Innolux says that rollable OLEDs face challenges of reliability and cost and this technology could prove to succeed where rollable OLEDs cannot.

Innolux also demonstrated a 5.93" LCD with an integrated multi-fingerprint sensor - that can support full-screen multi-fingerprint sensing. Innolux says that this technology outperforms the current OLED fingerprint sensors.

Finally the company also showed a 6.4-inch full-screen mobile phone display with an under-display camera and face recognition. Innolux did not actually disclose the technology behind the panel, but we assume this is also an LCD display.

Posted: Aug 25,2020 by Ron Mertens