SmartKem announces a landmark deal with a Taiwan-based OLED and LCD maker to bring OTFT displays to market

UK-based OTFT developer SmartKem announced that it has signed a landmark deal with a leading display maker in Taiwan that will enable the display maker to commercialize SmartKem's OTFT technology in flexible displays.

SmartKem OTFT transistors photo

The agreement will see a complete technology transfer, including production line deployment and supply of materials. This agreement marks the culmination of the LOI signed in November 2017. SmartKem updates us that this agreement covers both LCD and OLED displays.

While SmartKem does not name its new customer, we do know that this is a Taiwanese-based LCD and OLED producer which means it is likely to be either AU Optronics or Innolux. CPT is another option, although the company is already collaborating with competing OTFT developer FlexEnable.

In October SmartKem announced a collaboration with an OLED maker in China to co-develop OTFT-based flexible displays. The agreement allows us to develop OTFT displays on glass and plastic for both LCD and OLED technologies. In October we also posted an interview with SmartKem's CEO that explains the company's technology and business.

Posted: Feb 21,2018 by Ron Mertens