Hyundai is showing its new plug-in hybrid concept car, called Blue-Will. It's just a concept, for 'testing new ideas', but it's good to hear that it includes transparent OLED displays on the steering column, which is apparently touch-enabled.

Hyundai Blue-Will plug-in hybrid concept photoHyundai Blue-Will plug-in hybrid concept

The futuristic car promises an electric-only driving distance of up to 64km on a single charge and a fuel economy rating of up to 2.2 liters/100 km (106mpg). The Blue-Will concept is powered by an all-aluminum 152hp Gasoline Direct Injected 1.6L which is coupled to a Continuously Variable Transmission and a 100kw electric motor which is at the heart of Hyundai's proprietary parallel hybrid drive architecture. Wheels are turned by power coming directly from the gasoline engine, or the electric motor, or both together, as conditions demand. This parallel hybrid drive architecture serves as the foundation for future Hyundai hybrids, starting with the next-generation Sonata in the U.S.

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