Back in 2010 Samsung said it cannot meet customer demand in its AMOLED fab. As a result, HTC couldn't produce some phones and had to switch from OLED to LCD in some models. Now HTC says that this was a strategical decision by Samsung which is "using their component supply as a competitive weapon".

HTC DesireHTC Desire

In the meantime Samsung's AMOLED capacity has grown dramatically, and since then HTC returned to AMOLED displays on some phones models. HTC is still buying OLEDS from Samsung, but we know it wants to change a supplier.

The Taiwanese government is trying to develop a local mobile handset industry chain which will help local manufacturers. It was reported that they are forming an AMOLED alliance, which will include seven partners, including AMOLED producers AUO and Innolux and five device makers, including HTC. 

Now it is reported that the government is also seeking to get foreign AMOLED makers to setup a Taiwanese AMOLED production fab. They have already contacted about seven Japanese OLED AMOLED material and equipment makers about this, but no progress in that effort has been announced to date. Merck has recently opened a technological development center in Taiwan with an OLED focus.

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