AUO to start AMOLED mass production in Q1 2013, entire capacity booked by HTC

Taiwanese newspaper CENS reports that AUO finally managed to increase its AMOLED yield rate to over 50% (in its 3.5-Gen Linkou, New Taipei City fab). AU Optronics is now set to start mass producing AMOLEDs in Q1 2013, and in fact its entire AMOLED capacity has been booked by HTC.

Actually back in September 2012 Digitimes reported that AUO reached 50% yield, but the company didn't start mass production yet. Hopefully this time the report is accurate.

AUO planned to launch their OLEDs in 2012, but had to delay AMOLED mass production to 2013. In October AUO unveiled a new 4.65" AMOLED that features 317 ppi (so the resolution is probably around 1280x720). This is quite an improvement over AUO's current 4.3" qHD (257 ppi) AMOLED panels.

Posted: Dec 16,2012 by Ron Mertens


Oops.  Your byline has a typo.  2013 and not 2012.

Oops indeed. Thanks. Fixed!

"Mass producing AMOLEDs in Q1 2012" should be "mass producing AMOLEDs in Q1 2013."

Yes, of course. I still can't believe it's 2013 soon, 2012 went by too fast...