Guangzhou New Vision shows a new 0.01 mm thick flexible OLED prototype

China's Guangzhou New Vision has been developing flexible AMOLED displays for a long time, and the company now unveiled its latest prototype. This 0.01-thick panel use a Polyimide substrate, an Oxide-TFT backplane and an RGB (direct emission) frontplane. The curvature radius is 4.5 mm.

New Vision's 2014 flexible AMOLED prototype actually used a PEN substrate - and it's interesting to see the coming moving back to Polyimide. Back in 2014 New Vision said that the flexible OLEDs will be commercialized "in the near future".

New Vision Optoelectronic (NVO) was established in August 2010 in Guangzhou with an aim to become an AMOLED producer, using technology from South China's University of Technology (SCUT). The company has setup a small pilot line capable of producing 5" to 7" Oxide-TFT AMOLED panels (including transparent ones and embedded touch panels). AIV-BEX plans to use NVO made Oxide-TFT backplanes in its ink-jet printed AMOLEDs (if that project is still on track, that is).

Posted: Jun 12,2015 by Ron Mertens