Futaba to start producing transparent segmented OLEDs next month

Futaba demonstrated a new transparent PMOLED prototype display that it aims to release commercially next month. The ELA0502AAGS is a segmented monochrome (white, blue or amber) T-OLED that features high transparency (80%).

Futaba ELA0502AAGS Transparent OLED photo

The display has a glass outline of 22 x 20 mm and the active area diameter is 0.59". The pixel size is about 50 um. The display is very bright at 1,000 cd/m2. The demonstrated display has a battery icon, 4 characters and a cross hair in the middle - this is obviously aimed for telescopic sights.

It is great to see Futaba producing transparent OLED displays again - the company stopped the production of its T-OLEDs at around 2014 to focus on flexible OLEDs.

Posted: Nov 16,2016 by Ron Mertens