Futaba expands its strategic relationship with RiTDisplay for the production of PMOLED displays

Japan-based PMOLED maker Futaba announced that it is entering a business partnership agreement with Taiwan-based PMOLED maker RiTDisplay for the production of OLED displays.

Futaba flexible 1.8'' 160x32 PMOLED photo

Futaba is already collaborating with RiTDisplay for parts of the PMOLED production process, but now it will expand this project and move the entire PMOLED production process to RiT Display. The two companies will also partner to share technical details and co-develop and market automotive PMOLED displays.




Futaba believes that producing its displays at RiTDisplay will enable it to reduce production costs and be more competitive, especially as competition is increasing and material costs and energy costs are on the rise.

Posted: Oct 24,2022 by Ron Mertens