The Fraunhofer-IPMS has released some new brochures about their various OLED projects. Check out these brochure (attached below this post) for technical details about the various OLED panels, future application ideas and more.

The first project is the HYPOLED project (High-Performance OLED-Microdisplays for Mobile Multimedia HMD and Projection Applications) - working towards VGA color OLED microdisplays for HMD (Head-Mounted-Displays) and pico-projectors. The HYPOLED project also developed a "MediaBox" for HMDs.

The second project is working towards an OLED based backlight for auto-sterescopic 3D displays (that do not require glasses). The idea is to create a backlight that also compromises the stereo separation functionality, so the emission characteristics and therefore the illumination angle of the Liquid-Crystal (LC) modulator have to be a function of the user position relative to the display. This can be achieved by using a patterned OLED backlight. It consists of thin, individually controllable OLED stripes that are associated to the columns of the images, respectively the LC modulator that generates the image. The display also include a micro lens array. In principle, the OLED stripes are imaged into the pupil of the eyes, whereas the eyes are accommodated on the image generated by the LC-modulator.

The third project is a Bi-Directional OLED microdisplay. We first heard of this project in 2009. The idea is to create both the display and a camera in the same chip. This can be used for a lot of applications - from automotive ('gaze' monitoring for safety) to medicine, security, see-through HMDs, and just fun gadgets...

The last project is working towards OLED-on-CMOS for Sensors and Microdisplays. The Fraunhofer IPMS offers developments in this novel application area - Including the IPMS driving circuits and integration technology.

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