Jun 05, 2009

The Fraunhofer IMPS's new bi-directional OLED microdisplay packs an OLED display and a camera in the same chip. This can be used for a lot of applications - from automotive ('gaze' monitoring for safety) to medicine, security, see-through HMDs, and just fun gadgets... The Fraunhofer showed us a demo interactive-eyeglasses just a couple of days ago. Now we got some more info on that chip...

The OLED is an Active-Matrix one, with 320x240 resolution, 8bit color level. The Peak luminance is less than 11,000cd/m2, and the efficiency is  5.3cd/A@500cd/m2.

The camera matrix is build from photodiodes, placed just between the OLED pixels. 

OLED Microdisplays market report


More detailed information is available at Technology Review

The 2nd International TADF workshop, July 2017, Kyushu, JapanThe 2nd International TADF workshop, July 2017, Kyushu, Japan