More info on the Fraunhofer bi-directional OLED display

The Fraunhofer IMPS's new bi-directional OLED microdisplay packs an OLED display and a camera in the same chip. This can be used for a lot of applications - from automotive ('gaze' monitoring for safety) to medicine, security, see-through HMDs, and just fun gadgets... The Fraunhofer showed us a demo interactive-eyeglasses just a couple of days ago. Now we got some more info on that chip...

The OLED is an Active-Matrix one, with 320x240 resolution, 8bit color level. The Peak luminance is less than 11,000cd/m2, and the efficiency is  5.3cd/A@500cd/m2.

The camera matrix is build from photodiodes, placed just between the OLED pixels. 

Posted: Jun 05,2009 by Ron Mertens