Looking Glass launches a succesful crowdfunding campaign for its portable holographic display

Looking Glass has been developing 3D holographic displays since 2014. The company's technology enables high-quality 3D display, without the need for any glasses. The company has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to promote its latest display, a small (smartphone-sized) portable holographic display called the Looking Glass Go.

The Looking Glass Go is based on a 6" 1440x2560 LCD display, that offers a viewing cone of 58-degrees, and 40-100 views. The display connects via a single USB-C port (for both power and data).


The company offers several interesting applications for its displays, including ones based on AI. And the main application is one that allows you to take advanced spatial photography with your smartphone.

This is a very interesting technology, now available at only $249 per unit during the crowndfunding campaign (or even cheaper if you buy a pack of several units). A very good chance to experience and enjoy 3D holographic technology.

Posted: Jan 03,2024 by Ron Mertens