Fluxim releases a new version of its large-area OLED simulation software, OLED-Info readers get a 20% discount

Leading simulation and measurement tool provider Fluxim recently released a new version of its large-area OLED simulation software LAOSS. The new version adds a simulation capability for temperature estimation and cross-coupling the temperature generated by the device operation itself (in the organic stack and the electrodes) and the changes in device operation due to this increased temperature (leading again to different heat generation and so on).

Fluxim Laoss 2.0 slide

LAOSS is a software tool that simulates large area semiconductor devices (OLED and PV), taking into account the voltage drop in the electrodes due to important resistive effects when the size of the device increases. LAOSS facilitates electrode layout optimization and material choice, which can save substantial time and resources. Both OLED lighting panel design and study of AMOLED pixel cross-talk is just a click away.

Fluxim and OLED-Info have teamed up to offer a 20% discount on Laoss. If you are interested in this discount, please contact us here. Fluxim offers software evaluation so testing of LAOSS is possible before any purchasing decision.

Posted: Jul 29,2017 by Ron Mertens