Fluxim is a Switzerland-based provider of R&D tools for the display, lighting and photovoltaics industries. Their initial simulation software product Setfos facilitates the design of OLED and solar cell stack design by optimizing the optical and electrical performance. The Laoss software assists the electro-thermal design of up-scaled OLED panels and displays. Their measurement hardware (Paios for optoelectronic characterization in DC, AC and transient mode and Phelos for angular luminescence spectrometry) complements their portfolio of R&D tools.

The company lists DuPont, Merck, Novaled and Samsung as their customers.

Company Address: 
Technoparkstrasse 2
CH-8406 Winterthur
Kyulux - Hyperfluoresence OLED emittersKyulux - Hyperfluoresence OLED emitters