Everdisplay shows 1.63" AMOLED prototypes, mass production expected by Q2 2015

In July we published an interview with EverDisplay's marketing team, in which they promised AMOLED mass production by the end of 2014. EDO already started shipping 5" 720p samples to potential customers, and the company also developed 5.5" and 6" panels.

A few days ago, during a conference in Shenzhen, Everdisplay gave a presentation in which they announced a new 1.63" 320x320 (277 PPI) AMOLED display panel for wearable applications, and they also showed a prototype panel. EDO told me that the plan is to start mass production of those panels in Q2 2015.

During the conference, EDO also showed a 5.5" Full-HD AMOLED prototype.

Posted: Oct 27,2014 by Ron Mertens


5.6 inches Full-HD