ETNews: Samsung's A3 fab utilization drops 10% due to lower OLED shipments to Apple

In a somewhat confusing article, ETNews claims that Samsung Display's utilization rate at its A3 flexible OLED line has fallen more than 10% compared to 2017 as the company sees decreased shipments to Apple. This is yet another sign that Apple is seeing lower iPhone X sales than initially expected.

ETNews says that Q1 is always a seasonally low quarter, but this year's utilization rate is lower than what Samsung experienced in Q1 2017. ETNews says that Apple's share of the A3 capacity was about 77%, with the rest of the production going for Samsung Electronics and Chinese phone makers.

ETNews further reports that Samsung Display is now seeking more smartphone makers (mostly in China) as customers for its flexible OLEDs to compensate for lower sales to Apple. In any case, Samsung is said to be reconsidering its investment in its future A5 flexible OLED fab. According to Digitimes, Apple may discontinue its 5.8" OLED iPhone in 2018 which may lead to Samsung losing its biggest OLED client next year.

Posted: Jan 26,2018 by Ron Mertens


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