ETNews: LG Display to focus on automotive OLED lighting and not quit the OLED lighting market completely

A couple of weeks ago we reported that LG Display has decided to quit the OLED lighting market, as it found it difficult to ramp out production and lower its production costs. It was not clear what's the future of LGD's automotive OLED lighting business, but now we have an update from Korea.

LG Electronics OLED Taillights (2017)

According to ETNews, LG display has indeed found it difficult to win orders for its consumer OLED lighting products, and has decided to "reduce" its Luflex OLED lighting product line. LGD, however, is not quitting the OLED lighting market - but is stepping up its efforts to supply automotive OLED lighting solutions.

ETNews says that LGD will supply OLED tail lights (the company already supplies OLED lighting to Mercedes) and will also release interior lighting based on OLEDs. As LGD is also starting to offer automotive OLED displays the company hopes to benefit from the synergy.

Posted: Apr 16,2019 by Ron Mertens