Epson and Tokyo Electron to launch inkjet-printed OLED TV production in 2012-2013

There are reports that Seiko Epson and Tokyo Electron are planning to launch an OLED TV production project, in a ¥2-3 billion ($20-40 million) investment. The companies are still considering several options for this plant, but apparently they want to begin installing equipment sometime in 2013, with "full scale mass production" in 2013. This seems a very small investment, so we're not sure if this is indeed mass production or just a pilot line.

Espon 14-inch Inkjet processed OLEDEspon 14-inch Inkjet processed OLED

The reports says that this will be a 6-Gen plant. Tokyo Electron and Seiko Epson announced their plans to co-develop OLED TV printing technology back in November 2010.

Posted: Sep 14,2011 by Ron Mertens