EMDEOLED developed the world's first inner-coated OLED light bulb

EMDEOLED is a German company that is developing an OLED based light bulb for residential lighting in collaboration with the University of Technology Braunschweig. Basically the idea is that using an inner-coating process, they are creating a replacement for regular bulbs in which the glass is coated from the inside. They have developed their first prototypes, shown below (unfortunately they did not disclose any technical details):

EMDEOLED's OLEDs are ITO-free, and they have actually developed two prototypes - one with PLEDs and one with SM-OLEDs. The company says that the inner coating results in a very high material yield (and so hopefully will be cheaper than flat OLEDs). The OLED bulbs are also easy to seal as the glass actually protects the OLEDs from the outside.

EMDEOLED has been funded by Hess AG, but that company is now struggling and EMDEOLED is now looking for new investors that will help them continue towards mass production of their innovative technology.

Posted: Apr 18,2013 by Ron Mertens


...for what it's worth:

EMDEOLED actually had to file for bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago. This came as a result of the financial scandal and resulting bankruptcy proceedings their parent company Hess is currently facing.

To fabricate an OLED bulb is a great idea. By the way the active area of it is already quite big...