DSCC lowers its 2022 smartphone AMOLED shipment estimates to 700 million units

DSCC have released their 2021 and 2022 smartphone OLED shipment estimates. In 2021, DSCC says that 644 million smartphone AMOLED displays were shipped, up 28% from 2020. Our of these 644 million panels, 42% were rigid, 55% were flexible and about 2% were foldable.

Smartphone AMOLED shipments by type (DSCC, 2020-2022)

DSCC says that it has downgraded its forecast for 2022, as both Honor and Huawei will no longer adopt rigid AMOLEDs in smartphones. Total shipments will reach almost 700 million panels, and all of the growth will come from flexible and foldable panels. In fact rigid smartphone OLED shipments are expected to decline in 2022.

DSCC says that AMOLED smartphone panels shipments will over take LCD shipments in 2024 (it has previously said this will happen sooner in 2023).

Posted: Jan 11,2022 by Ron Mertens