Doosan Solus develops ETL materials for SDC's QD-OLED stack

In 2019, Doosan Corp spun-off its OLED materials unit, which is now called Doosan Solus (and is listed on the Korean stock market). The company's main OLED products are host materials and EIL and ETL layers.

According to The Elec in Korea, Doosan Solus currently produces so called "advanced" Electron Transporting Layer (aETL) for SDC's mobile AMOLED stack, and the company is now developing specialized aETL to be adopted by Samsung in its QD-OLED stack. Solus has been the exclusive supplier of ETL mateirals for SDC for the past eight years, and its materials are adopted in Samsung's latest M11 AMOLED stack.

Solus is reportedly looking to expand its OLED material portfolio.

In 2020 it was reported that Doosan Corp aims to sell its 51% stake as it needs to raise funds to bail out its troubled Doosan Heavy I&C company, but it was later reported that the company did not manage to find a buyer at a satisfactory price.

According to a new report from Korea, Doosan Corp demands 1 trillion Won for its Doosan Solus stake (around $810 million USD), but at this price it did not manage to find any buyers.

Posted: Feb 18,2021 by Ron Mertens