Doosan Bobcat shows a concept electric excavator with a transaprent OLED in the windshield

Construction equipment maker Doosan Bobcat is showing a new electric excavator concept that features a see-through AR windshield display that is based on a transparent OLED.

Doosan Bobcat LG transparent OLED photo

Bobcat's E35e concept uses LGD's 55" FHD transparent OLED to overlay information for the operator, such as the location and conditions of a construction site. The display is touch enabled so the operator can perform functions through the display, and even control other excavators from a distance.

Doosan Bobcat says that work safety is also enhanced thanks to this large, flat panel on the windshield without physical controlling buttons and other components that obstruct the operator’s view in the conventional models.

Posted: Jan 14,2022 by Ron Mertens