DisplaySearch: The AMOLED market will grow 44% in 2015, to reach 260 million panels

DisplaySearch says that they see an increase in high-end small/medium displays shipments in 2015. AMOLED displays, in particular, will grow 44% to reach 260 million units (up from around 200 million in both 2013 and 2014). The growth trend is expected to accelerate starting in 2016.

DisplaySearch small/medium display shipments 2013-2015 chart

DisplaySearch says that this is mostly dues to increased high-end smartphone shipments - but AMOLED displays for the wearable market will also see increased shipments. Apple alone will probably buy over 10 million flexible AMOLED panels (produced by LG Display).

The market will still be dominated by Samsung Display, but there are also some other, smaller AMOLED producers: AU Optronics, Everdisplay and LG Display (with their flexible AMOLEDs). If you need help finding a supplier AMOLED displays, be sure to check out our Display Brokerage service.

Posted: May 22,2015 by Ron Mertens


They should start making some fking OLED monitors already... people are paying upwards of 1k$ for monitors nowadays anyway. They dont think professional editors would pay 1500$ for an OLED instead of a pro-art LCD?

And they aint foolin me... AMOLED is exactly the same as OLED, just made by a different company.

Obama - just to make things clear: AMOLED is an OLED driven by an Active-Matrix backplane, as opposed to an OLED driven by a Passive Matrix backplane, or PMOLED. It is not a brand name of any company, and all high-end OLEDs (i.e. with resolutions larger than 128x128, or so) are AMOLEDs.

Honestly, how many people ARE paying upwards of $1k for their monitor? Aside from professional editors and designers next to no one. This is a VERY limited market.

If you look at the general high-volume market, even today the majority of monitors are based on CFL because people are not willing to pay the small premium for LED. Given this, how many standard users do you think would shell out $1000 (much likely more) for an OLED monitor?