AUO shifts OLED focus to wearables, will ship the circular 1.4" AMOLED in Q2

Taiwan's AU Optronics reported their financial results for Q2 2014, and during the company's conference call they discussed the AMOLED program. AUO seems to be shifting its OLED focus from smartphone displays to wearables.

The company updated that the new 1.4" circular AMOLED display will ship in Q2 2015. They say it was qualified by a Tier-1 Chinese customer. This could mean Huawei - which launched a circular 1.4" AMOLED smartwatch that will indeed ship in Q2 (although the display at Huawei's Watch could also be made by EDO, we're not sure yet).

AUO has been struggling with AMOLED production for years, but finally in August 2014 the company started mass production. The company currently offers four panels (from 1.63" to 5.46"). Please contact us if you want to find a supplier for these OLEDs.

AU Optronics is producing those new panels at their AFPD Gen-4.5 LTPS fab in Singapore that has been converted to AMOLED production. The company's production capacity is quite limited.

Posted: Apr 29,2015 by Ron Mertens