DisplaySearch: AMOLED capacity to triple in 2012, double again in 2013

DisplaySearch forecasts that Samsung's AMOLED Gen-5.5 fab ramp-up will triple AMOLED capacity by the end of 2012 (from 890,000 m2 in 2011 to 2.6 million m2 in 2012). Capacity will double again in 2013.

AMOLED Manufacturing Capacity 2008-2014 chart

Most of the grown in 2012 and 2013 will come from Samsung's AMOLED fab - as other players are still watching Samsung's progress, with LG, AUO, CMI and Irico also expected to built pilot and/or mass production plants in the next two years. LCD makers are current facing a hard time, and "AMOLED displays are a bright spot in the FPD manufacturing industry, offering hope for FPD supply chain companies.".

Posted: Aug 28,2011 by Ron Mertens