DisplayMate: The iPhone XS Max has the world's best mobile display, and it is produced by SDC

DisplayMate has posted a comprehensive review of the Apple iPhone XS Max display - a 6.5" 1242x2688 AMOLED display. DisplayMate has found that this display is highly impressive - with a close to text-book perfect calibration and performance. The display has been found to be on par with the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 display.

The high performance display led us to ask DisplayMate's Raymond Soneira about the producer of this display - and he confirms our estimation - the iPhone XS Max's display was produced by Samsung Display. In the past months we have heard many reports claiming that Apple contracted LG Display to produce this 6.5" AMOLED, and now we have proof that eventually Apple chose to keep Samsung as its exclusive supplier for Smartphone AMOLEDs, at least for now.

Getting back to the DisplayMate test - it seems that Apple's new display has matched or set several new world records for mobile displays, including a record high 100% APL full-screen brightness for OLEDs (660 nits, and 725 on its home screen), the world's highest absolute color accuracy (visually indistinguishable from perfect), highest full-screen contrast ratio at ambient light (140 at 100% APL), lowest screen reflectance (4.7%) and more. Read the full review here.

The iPhone XS Max, along with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9, were all rated "Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect" by DisplayMate and so All 3 continue with their DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Awards. Raymond tells us that even though each of these 3 smartphone displays is better in some categories, none of them is the best at everything...

SDC's OLED quality is apparently top notch, and combined with Apple's own screen calibration technologies it results in a truly impressive display. LG Display's first smartphone OLED display had some serious quality issues. LGD's latest OLEDs are better, but it looks like it will be very difficult for LG and other OLED makers to catch up with Samsung for the kind of quality Apple is expecting.

Posted: Sep 27,2018 by Ron Mertens