Digitimes Research says they expect AMOLED handset panel shipments to reach 363 million units in 2015, up 332% from 2011 (110 million units). They expect Samsung and LG to produce 83.7% of the AMOLED market in 2015 (down from 97.7% today).

Galaxy Note II

In 2015, mobile phone panels will account for 88.7% of total AMOLED panel shipments (79.5% of the AMOLED market in terms of value). OLED TV panels will account for 12.4% of the AMOLED market in 2015 in terms of value. Digitimes expects both Samsung and LGD to significantly increase their OLED TV panel output in 2014-2016, and they say the companies will be able to start profiting on OLED TV panels around 2014-2015 as yields increase.

DisplaySearch estimates that the AMOLED market will grow from almost 200 million units in 2012 to over 400 million units in 2015.

Source: Digitimes

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