DisplaySearch: small/medium OLED penetration to more than double by 2015

DisplaySearch says that AMOLED displays have captured 6% of the small/medium display market in 2012 (this means displays that are 9" in size and smaller). They say that in 2015 penetration will more than double to 13%.

Small/Medium OLED penetration 2010-2016 chart

In 2012 total OLED shipments (which include PMOLED and AMOLED panels) will reach 191 million units, or 8.4% of the total small/medium display category. Total OLED shipments almost doubled from 2010, as can be seen from the chart below:

Small/Medium OLED shipments by application 2010-2016 chart

In an interesting note, DisplaySearch says that they expect new AMOLED producers to join Samsung and enter the market in 2013 - but AMOLED production is still very challenging (due to the very detailed and technical engineering and production experience required) and on average a successful entry takes five years.

Regarding OLED TVs, DisplaySearch is less optimistic. Last week they said they now expect Samsung and LG to start mass production only in 2014, as the two Korean companies now focus on 4K2K LCD technologies.

Posted: Dec 20,2012 by Ron Mertens