CPI's concept automobile with printable electronics, OLED devices

The UK's Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) published a short video with a concept automobile that uses all sorts of printed electronics devices. There's a very nice OLED Lighting strip surrounding the car, and of course also flexible OLED panels on the dashboard:

The CPI's OLED/OPV prototype line was designed to enable materials companies, device designers and end users to develop their technology within a fully automated, controlled environment. The system supports both small evaporized and soluble OLED materials, and the line uses slot die technology to allow the coating of substrates in a highly repeatable and reproducible manner with a uniform film thickness of under 50 nm.

Posted: Jun 19,2013 by Ron Mertens


Osram have an idea of that ROLED=Red OLEDs as backlight shall be glued on the backide

of car bodies.

Just think how this superthin lighting source on flexible substrate

will make Emerging vehicles new opportunies for Emergency lights

on the vehicles body for Ambulances, for Firebrigade vehicles,

for Police cars where larger parts of the Emergency vehicles

can make the Emergency flashing light like fluid liquids!

And therefore get more attention for other drivers in traffic!