A couple of interesting Samsung rumors

Update: Samsung's Wave II phone will indeed use a S-LCD... so this part of the rumor is true...

There a couple of interesting rumors about Samsung. The first one says that they have sold all of their Super-AMOLED production capacity to Apple for 2011. Apple-OLED rumors never die. This is interesting as Samsung's new 5.5-Gen AMOLED plant (that will produce ten times the current capacity) will go on line in the middle of 2011 - so theoretically Samsung might indeed have enough capacity to satisfy Apple. But will they really stop using these displays in their own products?

The second rumor is that both the Samsung Wave and Galaxy-S aren't in production anymore. Samsung simply do not have enough Super AMOLED displays. Samsung are working towards Super-LCD versions of these phones. Indeed both the Captivate (AT&T) and the Fascinate (Verizon) are currently unavailable in Amazon. The Galaxy-S unlocked is still shipping, but Amazon says that just 5 units are left. But this is strange - who is buying all those Super-AMOLED displays now if Samsung is not using them in their best-selling phones?

Both of these rumors are from Eldar Murtazin's twits.

Posted: Oct 01,2010 by Ron Mertens