Continental shows a prototype dual-screen flexible AMOLED display for the automotive market

Continental AG, a German automotive manufacturing company, demonstrates a new dual-screen flexible AMOLED solution for the automotive market. The screen is made from two smaller AMOLEDs, one concave and one convex and is aimed towards the secondary display of the car.

This is just a demonstrator by Continental, but as you can see in the video it is fully working. The displays are made either by LG Display (who already signed deals with Germany auto makers for the supply of flexilble OLEDs) or Samsung Display (who supplied Audi with a flexible OLED display for the Prologue prototype).

In July 2014, LG Display said that they expect flexible OLEDs to fast replace the currently available glass-made LCD panels. Samsung also targets the automotive market for its flexible OLEDs.

Posted: Jan 22,2015 by Ron Mertens