Visionox developed a 604 PPI AMOLED panel

Visionox developed a new high-density (604 PPI) AMOLED panel. The new 2560x1440 prototype is 4.85" in size and was deposited using FMM / VTE. It uses Visionox's Z-Type AMOLED RGB sub-pixel arrangement first demonstrated in 2014.

Visionox 4.85'' 604 PPI AMOLED prototype

Visionox recently started to mass produce the company's first AMOLED panel, a 5.5" display aimed towards the mid/high smartphone market. Visionox's Gen-5.5 AMOLED line can currently produce 4,000 monthly substrate, and once yields stabilize they will reach a full capacity of 15,000 monthly substrates.

A few months ago Visionox unveiled a new rollable flexible AMOLED panel prototype. This is a 4.6" panel with a resolution of 800x480. This display has a curvature radius of less than 3 mm and a thickness of only 20 μm.

Posted: Nov 16,2015 by Ron Mertens


Does UDC supply Their red & green phosphorescent emitters ????