A public shootout in the UK shows that OLED outperform the best plasma TV ever

TV testing website HDTVTest, UK retailer Crampton and Moore and Leeds Trinity University teamed up to do a public TV shootout, pitching two new OLED TVs (Panasonic's upcoming TX-65CZ950 and LG's 65EF9500) against Panasonic's TC-P60ZT60 plasma TV, which is considered the best plasma TV ever made.

Panasonic TX-65CZ950

The three TVs were calibrated and then displayed the same scenes in front of 28 AV enthusiasts - who voted for the TV that delivered the best picture quality. After disqualifying two voting papers, only 3 voted for the plasma TV - the rest of the votes were split almost evenly between the Panasonic and the LG OLEDs. That represented a 88% vote in favor of OLED technology.

LG 65EF9500

Panasonic is using an OLED panel made by LG Display, but the company claims its TV is superior to LG's because it features Panasonic's 4K Pro tech which includes advanced gradation controls and 3D color look tables. The Panasonic TV will probably be priced much higher than LG TVs, so it's somewhat surprising that in this test the two TVs came out even.

But it seems that many voters favored the LG because it is flat - even though they said that the Panasonic TV offered better colors and luminance uniformity. In addition, LG features HDR while Panasonic TV does not (but it will receive a firmware update that will add HDR in the future).

Posted: Nov 15,2015 by Ron Mertens


"it seems that many voters favored the LG because it is flat"

That makes this whole thing useless in my opinion. If the TVs aren't covered up except for the display area, AV enthusiasts will immediately know which one is a plasma and thus be biased - either way.

Actually, I'd call it downright idiotic to pay this little attention to making the survey unbiased.