ETNEws: Samsung will decide soon whether to launch OLED TV production

According to ETNews, Samsung Display is under pressure from the LCD business, and is expected to make a final decision regarding a future OLED TV panel production facility investment. According to Digitimes, SDC have resolved the technological issues that previously resulted in low production yields, but there are still many challenges before mass production is possible.

Samsung OLED TV (2009)

I think that the main pressure for Samsung Electronics is actually from LG whose OLED TVs get great reviews and a lot of press. If Samsung wait too long, they may end up losing the future OLED TV market, and already I believe they are starting to be seen as less innovating. And losing to LG will be the most shameful of all...

According to the OLED Association, Samsung is developing several new technologies and aim to adopt them in a new OLED TV to be released in 2017. Samsung's 2017 OLEDs will feature HDR and 8K resolution. Interestingly the OLED-A sees Samsung adopting a transparent graphene electrode, a top-emission architecture, an RGBW pixel arrangement and an IGZO backplane.

Posted: Jan 07,2016 by Ron Mertens


Ron is this a way for Samsung to rebrand LG's WOLED technique or is this an actual different manufacturing method?

I don't know... too early to know what Samsung will (or will not do) with their OLED TVs...