LG announce their OLED TV lineup for 2016

LG announced their OLED TV lineup in 2016. The company will release four new OLED TV series, all of them use 4K panels (flat and curved). LG will also continue to produce and market the FHD models announced in 2015. All the new TVs support LG's new Web OS 3, HDR and LG's Color Prime PRO technology.

So first up we have the high end Signature G6 line. This is an ultra-slim on-glass design that uses a high-end pivoting speakers. The 65" G6 will launch towards the end of February 2016 while the 77" model will launch a new months later. Prices were not announced yet.

Next up we have the E6 series, which feature a similar design but with fixed soundbar, and available in 55" and 65" inches. LG aim to release the E6 series in March 2016.

Finally, we have the lower-end (as it were) 55" and 65" flat (the B6 series) and curved (the C6 series) OLED TVs. These TVs have a more "traditional" design, and LG did not yet reveal when those TVs will ship, or at what price. The B6 is the only new LG OLED TV that does not support 3D.

As you can see, most of these TVs are flat rather then curved. This seems a wise decision as most consumers prefer the flat panel as it can be wall mounted.

LG claims that the quality of these new TVs have improved over the 2015 range. First of all, LG increased the color spectrum to a 99% of the DCI P3 standard. Second, the new TVs are about 20% brighter than the 2015 models (peak brightness is now at 540 nits) - but energy consumption is pretty much the same. It may be that LG is using new OLED materials that enabled the lower power consumption.

Posted: Jan 06,2016 by Ron Mertens


When will someone start selling oled tv's smaller than 55 inches?