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Will Transparent OLED TV be possible?


Is it possible to come out transparent oled TV?

I read an article about sony transparent tv,but this sony television is not what I'm looking for because

this televison use projector to reflect its image on transparent meterial panel, that make this sony's tv occupy too much space for installation.

http://www.ghacks.net/2006/08/19/transparent-tv-from-sony/ : The article of sony transparent television.

and I read also about transparent Oled technology and which is ready to commerialized by Universal Display Corporation.

If transparent oled is used to manufacture televison display ,will It be possible to produce the ultra thin(less than 1mm) televison of trensparent display enough to view entirely background wallpaper when it turned off?

sorry for my broken English,and thanks for any advice in advance.



Ron Mertens
Hey.Transparent OLEDs are


Transparent OLEDs are indeed possible. I'm personally guessing it will take several years before this tech becomes available commercially - and probably first for small displays.

I agree that transparent TVs are neat - I'm not sure though if it's a good idea to actually wait for one. It might be a long wait ;-)

You can follow the latest 'transparent oled' news here.


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