Royole raises $80 million, reaches a valuation of around $3 billion

Flexible OLED technology and VR headset developer Royole announced that it received a $80 million series Pre-D funding from the Warmsun Holding Group. Royole raised around $280 million since its inception in 2012 - and the current valuation is set at around $3 billion!

So what does Royole do to justify such a lofty valuation? A couple of months ago Royole launched its first product, the Royole Moon foldable VR headset - that uses OLED microdisplays to achieve a PPI of over 3,000. The $799 Moon also includes noise-cancelling headphones and runs on the company's own Moon OS.

Royole Moon photo

Royole is developing flexible AMOLED technologies, and in 2014 the company unveiled a 0.01-mm thick bendable AMOLED prototype. That specific display had a bending radius of 1 mm. According to reports back in 2014, Royole technology centered on the backplane of the display.

Royole is also developing flexible sensor technology, and offers its IP for licensing. The company says it has over 500 patents (issued and pending) - in the areas of materials, processes, devices, circuits, software and product design.

Posted: Nov 18,2016 by Ron Mertens


The display in the video lacks an anti-reflection film.