Royole shows a 0.01 mm thick flexible AMOLED prototype

Royole, a startup established in the US in 2012, unveils their first prototype, a 0.01 mm thick (thin?) flexible AMOLED prototype (which they say is the thinnest ever). Here's a video showing the display in action:

The display is bendable, and has a bending radius of 1 mm. Samsung's recent flexible AMOLED prototypes has a radius of 5 mm - but these prototypes are closer to production units (the flexible OLED in the Galaxy Note Edge has a radius of 7 mm). Samsung's aim is to achieve a radius of 1 mm in production within two years.

Royole 0.01 mm flexible AMOLED prototype photo

Apart from the video and photos, we have very little details. As far as I understand, Royole is developing flexible AMOLED backplane technologies and other OLED related technologies and materials. Hopefully we'll learn more about this interesting new company soon.

Posted: Dec 17,2014 by Ron Mertens