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Royole logoRoyole was established in 2012 to develop novel display technologies and IP. Royole is constructing a $1.7 billion 5.5-Gen (45,000 monthly substrates) flexible AMOLED production facility in Shenzhen, China. The new fab is scheduled to begin operation in 2018.




In addition to the flexible display technology, Royole also develops VR headsets, and the company's first headset, the Royole Moon was launched in September 2016.

Royole is backed by several Banks and VC funds and has offices in California US and Shenzhen, China. In September 2017 Royole raised $800 million in its fourth financing round.

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48025 Fremont Boulevard
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Royole employees hold a demonstration, demanding their past wages

In 2022, we reported that US- and China-based Royole is in financial problems. The company did not manage to raise funds, and started laying-off many of its employees, following several months it did not pay any wages.

It turns out, that Royole's problems aren't over - even though it seems the company is no longer in business. The company did not pay past wages for many of its employees - some of whom (including guards and production line workers) have 12 months of wages due. Yesterday 50 employees held a demonstration, demanding their wages.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 26,2023

Royole starts large-scale lay offs

The story of Royole financial situation continues to unfold. Last month we updated that Royole is in financial problems, and that it needs a new injection of cash in order to continue its operation.

Royole at the Qingdao Innovation Festival 2020 photo

We reported that Royole started to pay salaries for employees (after it did not pay for over 5 months), but according to a new update the company has started to lay off a large number of its employees in several departments, including sales, marketing, product development and more. In some departments, over 50% of the employees have received notices. It is understood that the compensation package for these employees is low.

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Updates on Royole's current financial situation

Last month we updated that Royole is in financial problems, and that it needs a new injection of cash in order to continue its operation. A new update from China suggests that some employees did not get paid for over 5 months. This has changed in the past week, and Royole is now paying the salaries.

Airbus OLED-enabled digital flight magazine photo

But Royole's financial woes are likely not over. According to this new report, from 2017 to 2020, the company's revenues amounted to only $77 million, while its loss reached almost $500 million. The report also detailed Royole production: 7,748 units in 2018, 314,000 units in 2019 and 48,600 in the first half of 2020. Actual shipments were much lower.

Read the full story Posted: May 09,2022

Reports from China suggest Royole is facing financial problems and is halting its operations

According to reports in China, Royole did not yet manage to obtain enough customers for its flexible OLED displays to fund its business, and the company requires a new injection of cash in order to continue its operation.

Royole has started mass producing flexible OLED displays back in 2018 at its Quasi 6-Gen fab in Shenzhen, and has since announced plans to build a new fab in Qingdao. Royole developed innovative OLED technologies and devices, and demonstrated several innovative displays, but it seemed it did not manage to find large actual customers for its displays.

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Airbus and Royole collaborate to demonstrate a flexible-OLED based digital inflight magazine

Airbus and Royole teamed up to demonstrate a digital inflight magazine - that makes use of a thin flexible OLED panel.

Airbus OLED-enabled digital flight magazine photo

The two companies have been working together since 2018, and are now presenting a prototype device. The device looks like an iPad, but feels like a flexible magazine. The OLED display looks better than currently-used LCD displays in airplane seats, and also consumes less power and are also lighter.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 26,2021

Royole launches an open-platform flexible electronics development kit

Flexible OLED producer Royole announced a new development kit, called the Royole RoKit, an open platform for designers to develop products based on flexible electronics. The RoKit is now shipping in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

Royole RoKit photo

The RoKit includes a 7.8" 1440x1920 60Hz flexible OLED display with touch input (Cicada Wing foldable OLED), Royole's fully-flexible sensor module, an Android 10 motherboard that includes HDMI to MIPI, Wi-Fi, USB and more and more accessories.

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Royole to build a $2.4 billion flexible OLED fab in Qingdao

Chinese OLED developer Royole announced that it will establish a 16 billion yuan ($2.4 billion USD) OLED production line in Qingdao, China.

Royole at the Qingdao Innovation Festival 2020 photo

Royole did not provide any details, besides that this production line will be used to make flexible and foldable OLEDs. We do not know yet the timeline, technologies and production capacity at the new line.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 01,2020

Royole announces new foldable OLED displays with much improved specifications

Chinese OLED developer Royole announced its next-generation (3rd-Gen) fully flexible OLED displays, which it refers to as "Cicada Wing". Royole says that these new displays deliver significant improvements over its previous generation displays. The new displays have a material stack of over 100 layers.

Cicada Wing displays, compared to Royole's 2nd-Gen flexible OLEDs, offer 5X higher contrast, 50% higher brightness, 20% faster response time and a better color shift. It also offers a low brightness decay (Royole says it is 3.5X better then competing foldable OLEDs).

Read the full story Posted: Apr 03,2020

Royole launches a foldable smartphone/tablet developer device

US and China based Royole launched the world's first foldable OLED device - the FlexPai phone/tablet. The FlexPai has a 7.8" 1920x1440 (308 PPI) AMOLED display, when unfolded, The display folds outwards, and when folded the device has three different displays (front, back and spine).

Royole is now accepting pre-orders for the "Developer Mode" device, starting at $1318 for the 128GB model. The first devices will ship in late December 2018. The company said the device has passed bending, twisting and tension tests over 200,000 times, and the display is much more durable compared to current displays (as it is not covered by glass).

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Video shows Royole's latest flexible, foldable and automotive OLEDs

Earlier this month, Royole demonstrated its latest technologies at IFA 2018 - including flexible and foldable AMOLED panels, a large automotive display and a phone/bracelet device made from a foldable OLED. The interesting video below shows these new Royole displays.

Royole's flexible OLED displays are produced at the company's "quasi-G6" (5.5-Gen) OLED production fab in Shenzhen which started production in June 2018. In full capacity, Royole's fab will be able to produce over 50 million flexible OLEDs per year (45,000 monthly substrates).

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