Philips Lumiblade Plus - the world's most efficient OLED lighting panel

Update: we got some new information regarding Philips and KM cooperation

Philips unveiled their latest OLED lighting panel, the Lumiblade Plus - which is the world's most efficient panel under production (45lm/w). Currently available in one size (Square Tall White - 7x7cm) the panel was developed by Konica Minolta and is produced by Philips, and features full phosphorescent organic materials. The panel is available for €120 (minimum quantity is 100 units though).

Technical details of this new panel:

  • Luminous efficacy: 45 lm/W
  • Thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Lifetime: 10,000 hours
  • Luminance: 1,000 cd/m²
  • Current/voltage: 71.5 mA / 3.6 V
  • Color coordinates (x; y): 0.45 ; 0.41
  • Color temperature: 2,800 K

We knew that Konica Minolta has an active OLED lighting program (using UDC's PHOLED technology) but this is the first time we hear of a collaboration between KM and Philips. Here are Konica Minolta's OLED lighting plans, as unveiled towards the end of 2009.

Posted: Apr 20,2011 by Ron Mertens


Does this panel contain UDC's emitters?

It seems so. It uses Konica Minolta phosphorescent materials, and we know that KM is collaborating with UDC on those...