Samsung makes confusing name changes in OLED companies

In March 2014, Samsung SDI acquired Samsung's Cheil Industries for $3.3 billion. Cheil is developing and selling electronic materials - including OLED materials. In August 2013, Cheil Industries (together with Samsung Electronics) acquired Novaled for €260 million.

Before its merger with Samsung SDI, Cheil Industries sold its textile and fashion business to Samsung Everland. Today Samsung Everland, who's into fashion, construction and resort businesses announced that it is changing its name to Cheil Indsutries. The company’s resort business including the theme park, however, will continue to use the Everland brand.

Confused? You're not alone. So let's make some order in the world of Samsung OLEDs. Samsung Display (SDC) is developing and producing OLED panels of all sizes. Samsung Electronics is developing and selling devices (such as phones, TVs and cameras) that use OLED displays. It is also a shareholder in Novaled. Samsung SDI, who used to be a stake owner in Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) before it was merged into Samsung Display, is now in charge of energy and materials, including OLED materials following its Cheil Industries acquisition. SDI also holds a large stake in Novaled. Cheil Industries is no longer related to OLEDs.

Posted: Jul 04,2014 by Ron Mertens


Gotta be honest: After your explanation I am more confused than before. Below I tried to make some more sense of it.

- Samsung Electronics: devices (phones, displays)

- Samsung SDI: materials and energy (I guess this means batteries)

       - Novaled (subsidiary): OLED materials

- Cheil Industries (new): fashion, construction

       - Everland (subsidiary): ressorts


However I am still not sure that I entirely understand who owns / controls Novaled now.




Thanks. I believe it should be noted that SDI also makes OLED materials, regardless of the Novaled subsidiary (different materials). I think Novaled is still owned by SDI and Electronics.