CLSA: BOE to ship 19 million smartphone flexible OLEDs in 2018 and 41 million in 2019

BOE started to produce flexible OLED displays at its first flexible AMOLED line, the Chengdu B7 6-Gen fab, in October 2017. Financial analysts from CLSA say that according to their checks, the ramp-up at the B7 is ahead of schedule, and CLSA expects BOE to ship 19 million smartphone OLEDs in 2018 and 41 million panels in 2019.

BOE Flexible AMOLED prototype photo

CLSA says that major Chinese smartphone makers will launch the first smartphones that use BOE's flexible OLEDs in February and March or 2018. CLSA says it won't be surprised to hear BOE announcing new OLED fab plans soon (in H1 2018).

In addition to this fab in Chengdu, in October 2016 BOE announced another 6-Gen OLED fab, in Mianyang. The Miangyang fab will have a similar capacity (45,000 sheets per month) and will enter production in 2019. As BOE is aiming to become an OLED supplier to Apple, it is reportedly planning its third flexible OLED Line. Perhaps this third flexible OLED line is the one CLSA estimates will be officially announced soon.

Posted: Jan 19,2018 by Ron Mertens