Last month BOE started to produce flexible OLED displays at its Chengdu B7 fab, and according to ETnews the company is aiming to become a future Apple supplier and so is planning ambitious flexible OLED capacity expansion.

BOE Flexible AMOLED prototype photo

BOE's B7 fab, the company's first flexible AMOLED line, will have a full capacity of 48,000 6-Gen substrate per month (this will only be achieved in the first half of 2019). In October 2016 BOE announced another 6-Gen OLED fab (the B11 line) in Mianyang. The Miangyang fab will have a similar capacity and will initiate production in 2019.

Now ETNews reports that BOE is also discussing a third flexible OLED line, which will be its B12 line. The B12 line will be used to produce both flexible and foldable OLED displays, and its location hasn't been set yet (it is likely to be Chongqing). Apparently this is still an early stage plan and BOE did not yet decide on the fab capacity or investment.

BOE is said to be already in talks with Apple - this was actually reported back in early 2017. Of course it is quite likely that Apple is in talks with all display makers regarding a possible future OLED supply agreement.

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