China's BOE Display and CSOT both gearing up for AMOLED development?

There are reports that Chinese panel producers BOE Display and China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) are both gearing up AMOLED development.

BOE is apparently focusing on Oxide-TFT backplanes for AMOLED displays, and have produced a 4" WQVGA AMOLED prototype. Back in August 2011 there were reports that BOE Display are planning a $3.5 billion 5.5-Gen fab in Monogola, but we're not sure if this is for real.

CSOT (a subsidiary of TCL) has decided to enter the AMOLED market. The company is planning a 4.5-Gen LTPS line in Shenzhen. This line will be able to produce both LCD and AMOLED panels. They hope to begin production before the end of 2012.

Posted: Mar 14,2012 by Ron Mertens