Business Korea reports that LG Display is in talks with Google regarding a large investment in LGD's OLED facilities towards the development and production of VR displays. BK says the investment will amount of hundreds of billions of Won (equivalent to hundreds of millions USD).

LG VR headset prototype (March 2017)

LGD VR prototype, March 2017

The report is somewhat confusing, though. On the one had it says that Google is interested in OLED microdisplays, and on the other it says that LG will produce the displays in its existing flexible AMOLED lines, which use a different technology than microdisplays (which are produced on Silicon).

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LG & silicon

Came across this article from 3/16 .  To my knowledge silicon wafers are only used for micro displays .

LG Display is focusing on ways to replace current plastics and glass with silicon wafers. Silicon wafers are used as raw materials for semiconductors. They are more expensive than plastics or glass but realize more precise picture qualities. It is known that LG Display is conducting a feasibility study on the construction of a silicon wafer-based VR-only production line in a new OLED factory under construction in Gumi City, North Gyeongsang Province.

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