A few days ago LG Display disclosed its financial results for Q2 2017 and announced a large OLED investment plan to increase capacity for both OLED TVs and small-sized flexible OLEDs.

LG 77'' OLEDW7 Korea launch event

During its investor conference call, LG Display disclosed that it plans to finance some of the capacity increase through strategic partnerships such as customer commitments. In the past months we heard reports that both Apple and Google are in talks with LGD regarding an investment to secure OLED capacity. It seems likely that LGD now verified these reports - but the investments are probably not finalized yet.

LGD further said that it sees growing consumer demand in the mobile, automotive and signage markets. The new OLED TVs launched in 2017, including the wallpaper OLED TVs and the Crystal Sound OLEDs (which was not yet released as a product, actually) were "very well received".

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