Chip For Micro-Display LG Display May Receive Investment in VR Device Parts from Google

Last updated on Fri 03/03/2023 - 10:24

According to the IT industry on July 26, LG Display is reportedly negotiating an investment deal amounting to hundreds of billions of won with Google in connection with the development of a driving chip for a micro-display for virtual reality (VR), a next-generation industry.…

Could this be part of the manufacturing partnership eMagin is in the process of negotiating ?

Aside from the IP tie LG and eMagin have with Kodak ,  LG and eMagin had a working relationship in 2000 :

Then of course eMagin was sued by GOT (LG) and the case was settled :

 "The balance of the terms of the settlement remain confidential. "  

Possibly a noncompete ?…

And of course Jerry Carollo , inventor of steam punk VR HMD for eMagin , is now Optical Architect at Google :