BOE's new OLED, LCD and QD displays from SID 2017 shown in video

Last month BOE demonstrated several exciting new display technologies at the SID DisplayWeek, and now we have this very nice (and long) video that shows most of BOE's new displays.

We start with a tablet-phone device, a 7.56" foldable touch-enabled OLED that features an QXGA (2048x1536) resolution, a bending radius of 5 mm and a contrast rate of over 70,000:1.

The next OLED is a 5.5" FHD (401 PPI) "full-screen" flexible edge-type panel. Interestingly BOE is using a Green-Green-Red-Blue (GGRB) pixel arrangement in these displays. BOE also demonstrated a 4.35" HWVGA display (1120x480) - which seems to be the same display demonstrated in SID 2016.

The next display is a glass-based rigid 5.5" FHD OLED panel that does not have a circular polarizer (C-Pol). The reflectivity is 5.6% (a bit higher than BOE's regular "C-Pol" displays (5.2%). The efficiency is much higher though - BOE says the efficiency is over 50% higher. Samsung is also developing a similar AMOLED.

BOE also demonstrated several displays for VR applications - some of these were LCDs, but BOE is also developing a 1.8" FHD (1000 PPI) OLED display. BOE also demonstrated its upcoming OLED microdisplays for the first time - a 0.5" SVGA display and a 0.41" WVGA one. These could, however, be OLiGHTEK microdisplays, it may be too soon for BOE to actually produce samples out of its new JV with OLiGHTEK announced only 3 months ago.

The rest of the video shows several displays, including a 27" 8K LCDs, metal mesh touch technology, private display mode and more. One of these LCDs achieved a high color gamut (110% adobe) without quantum dots - by using new LEDs and color filters.

Towards the end of the video (15:00) BOE's latest AMQLED displays are shown - the 5" (320x240) and 14" (960x540) . These are printed emissive quantum dot displays. The video shows that these are early prototypes that still has some defects - but this is very interesting technology.

Posted: Jun 22,2017 by Ron Mertens